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Yang Lu Chan, his family and his students had a tremendous impact over the past two hundred years. They introduce the world to the mysterious and wonders of an unique martial art that is both well suited for self-defense as well as providing health benefits. The following traces the Yang style family tree highlighting direct family members of Yang Lu Chan and the major proponents of this style.

The Ottawa Martial Arts Association has completed Phase One of our result in the history of the Yang Style. A collection of over four hundred and eighty names are listed. Please let us know if you additional information on the history of the Yang Style.



Yang Lu Chan (1799-1872)
  Yang Feng Hou (Eldest son, died early)
  Yang Soa Lin (Son)
  Yang Ban-Hou (1837-1892, 2nd Son)
  Yang Kin Hou(Son)
  Wang Chiao-Yu
  Kuo Lien-Ying (Guang Ping Tai Chi)
  Wang Zhi Chen
  Wu Quan You (Wu Style)
  Yang Shou Hou (Nephew)
  Yang Jiang-Hou (1839 - 1917, 3rd son)
  Yang Shao Hou (1862-1930)
  Yang Chen-sheng (son)
  Chen Pan-lin (1900-1967)
  Chang Yiu Chun (1899-1987 ?)
    Erle Montaigne
  Yang Zou Yuan (1875-1938 ?)
  Yang Kuei Cheng (1908-1976, Daughter ?)
  Yang Cheng Fu (1883-1936)
    Yang Chen-sheng (1910 - 1985, son)
    Yang Tai Yee (1950 - )
    Yang Ma Lee (1952 - )
    Yang Yee Li (1958 - )
    Yang Chung Kee (1921- , son)
    Yang Zhen Duo (1926- , son)
    Yang Duo-fong (son)
    Yang Jun (Grandson )
    Yang Chung Kwok (1928- , son)
    Chen Wei-Ming
    Chen Yen-ling
    Cheng Man-Ching (Cheng Man-Ching Style)
    Fu Zhongwen
    Tung Ying Chieh (1888-1961)
    and hundreds more students during his life time
  Wu Yu Xiang (1812-1880, Founder,Wu (Hao) Style)

The Ottawa Martial Arts Association is currently creating a list of Yang style practitioners around the world. Please e-mail us if you have wish to obtain a copy of the list or if you have questions and comments concerning our research.



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