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January, 2004

Major Update :

  • Canadian directory has been reworked and expanded - I think its pretty complete.
  • Changed the style sheets and some of the site navigation
  • Style tune for information about different styles !

August, 2003

Major Update :

  • Expand the directory of martial arts to include Toronto, Vancouver, Winnepeg, Calgary, Montreal and the rest of Canada.
  • Worked on Yang Style Tai chi history. Please e-mail us if you want a complete Yang style Tai Chi Chuan Family tree.

May, 2003

Major Update :

  • There is a slight change in the color of the navigation (to provide better contrast)
  • There is a new section that provides an overview of martial arts and popular culture.
  • Updated the Directory.
  • The Association was part of a demonstration organized by the Ottawa Mixed Martial Arts Association.
  • Part of the Bagua Linearage tree was modified. Thanks everyone for the new information.
  • For the next update, I will be posting a workbook on Tai Chi and a history of Yang Tai Chi.

February, 2003

How time flies, I have updated the site using Cascading Style Sheets (CCS). Check out some of the new things on this site:


August, 2002

We like to thank MC for the update. This month, we have added:

  • Review of the Hsing Yi section
  • Addition to the Taiji section including details of the Yang Style

May, 2002

We like to thank our new editor, MC. We will be reviewing and improving the whole site. In addition, for this month, we have added:

  • New sections to the History of Bagua, including an externally comprehensive family tree as well as descriptions of first and second generation bagua masters;
  • Description of famous female martial artists; and
  • New content for most sections.

April, 2002

We have new content for most of our pages, but are always seeking new contributions. As well, you will note:

  • Our improved navigation bar;
  • New content from Cat in the Overview and Shaolin Practice; and
  • A new Links page to other Ottawa sites.

March, 2002

The site is back up after a long hiatus. The original site,, disappeared, and I have lost most of the content. I have now reworked the site and added new information about martial arts. If you have information or would like to contribute to the site, please drop me an e-mail (



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