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n this section, we hope to describe the rich flavour and variety of styles that is offered by the Chinese Martials Arts. By some estimates, there are over one hundred recognized styles of Martial Arts being practiced today. There are even more variants of those basic styles. It is impossible to be an expert in some many other arts but it is interesting to describe the history and practice of many other different styles. We welcome the contribution and insight from other stylist to help us promote the Chinese Martial Arts.

We also like to take the opportunity to remind the visitor that it is better to know one thing well than to know little about many things. In the end, the martial arts is about training with friends and self improvement.



We hope to write short descriptions of the following styles:
      1. Bak Mei (White Eyebrow)
      2. Cha Quan
      3. Chang Quan (Long Style Boxing)
      4. Chuojiao (Feet Poking Boxing)
      5. Choy Lay Fut
      6. Ditang Quan (Ground Tumbling Boxing)
      7. Duan Quan (Short range Boxing)
      8. Fanzi Quan (Tumbling Boxing)
      9. Family styles (Changjia, Chau Gar,Fut Gar, Hong Gar, Hop Gar, Mok Gar, Yuejia)
      10. He Quan (Crane Boxing)
      11. Hua Quan ("Chinese" Boxing)
      12. Hua Quan ("Flower" Boxing)
      13. Lanshou Men (Blocking Hand Boxing)
      14. Liuhe Quan (Six Combination or coordination Boxing)
      15. Liuhebafaquan (Six Combination Eight Methods Boxing)
      16. Luichan Quan (Arhat Boxing)
      17. My Jong Lo Han (Lost Track School)
      18. Mian Quan (Continuous Boxing)
      19. Nan Quan (Southern Style Boxing)
      20. Ngo Co Kun (Wu Zu Quan - Five Ancestors Fists)
      21. Pigua Quan (Axe-hitch Boxing)
      22. Sanhuang Paochui (Three emperor Cannon Boxing)
      23. Southern Praying Mantis (Chu Gar, Chi Gar, Jook Lum)
      24. Tanglang Quan (Mantis Boxing)
      25. Tantui (Leg Flicking Boxing)
      26. Tongbei Quan (Back through Boxing)
      27. Wing Chun Quan (Yongchun Quan)
      28. Xiangxing Quan (Animal-imitating Boxing)
      29. Yingzhao Quan (Eagle Claw Boxing)
      30. Ziran Men (Natural Boxing)
      31. Zui Quan (Drunkard Boxing)


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