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The Eight Sets of the 24 Simplified Taiji Form

  1. First Set - Part the wild horse's mane (Left, Right, Left), White stork spread its wings

  2. Second Set - Brush knee, Play the pipa, Repulse the monkey (Left, Right, Left, Right)

  3. Third Set - Grasping sparrow's tail (Left, Right)

  4. Fourth Set - Single whip, Cloud hands (1, 2, 3), Single whip

  5. Fifth Set - High pat on horse,Right heel kick, Strike both fists, Turn body and left heel kick

  6. Sixth Set - Snake in the grass - Stand on one leg (left, right)

  7. Seventh Set - Fair lady play with shuttle (Left, Right), Needle at the bottom of the sea, Fan through back

  8. Eight Set - Turn body, deflect, parry and strike, Apparent close up, Cross hands, Conclusion



In 1954, a committee organized by the Chinese government published a short form of Tai ji Chuan based on the techniques found in the Yang Style. This new form is known as the condensed or simplified 24 form. This form is naturally divided into eight sections and each section comprise of different and unique moves.

The similarity of this new form to the original Yang form are as follows:

  1. The structure and movements of both forms are similiar.
  2. The main training philosophy and focus are the same.
  3. The student can achieve the same health result.

Table 1 presents the difference between short form and the traditional Yang Style from the prespective of martial art training and self-defense.

Yang Style
Action From simple to complex and from easy to difficult.
Balanced between left and right.
From complex to simple and from difficult to easy.
Not symmetrical more movements for one side.
Movement Shorter, two repetitions to and fro.
Takes less than 15 minutes
Much longer, repetitions: 5 routes to and fro.
Can take 25 minutes or more.
Learning and teaching Less complex details, less theories available. Rich history and theories, extensively documented.


[1] Ching, Ku-Lui (ed.), "Condensed Tai Chi Ch'uan", Athletic Magazine, Shanghai, Shanghai Educational Publications, 1954.

[2] Chang, Wen-Yuen, " The Common Sense of Tai Chi Ch'uan, Questions and Answers", The People's Physical Eduational Publication, Shanghai, 1960.
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