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Our association is a firm believer in the open and free nature of the Internet but also the rights of a publisher to copyrighted material. If you like to use the material on this site, please contact us. For help with copyright issues, please check with Creative Commons.

Creative Commons

We also want to build a network of martial arts websites. Please let us know if your webpage link to us and I will provide a reciprocal link back to your page. You can use our banners and logos.


Reciprocal Links

he following are people that have linked to us or have received permission to use some of our content on their site.

Tom Gohring's School of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Tom is teaching Tai Chi and Kung Fu in Austin, Texas, USA.


Our Links and Banners

f you like to link to us, please use the name : Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association. You can also use the following banners or club logo on your site.

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