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The Ottawa Martial Arts Association has a large collection of source and reference materials.We also like to use this site to link to other national organization who are actively promoting Chinese Martials Arts. Additional information and resources can also be found in the links sections.

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Beijing Wushu Team Official site of Wu Bin and the Beijing Wushu Team
Canadian Chinese Kuo Shu (Martial Arts) Federation

One of many Chinese Martial Arts associations representing Canada.

Chinese Culture University - Department of Chinese Martial Arts  
German Wushu Federation German Wushu Federation e.V. is the official professional association for martial arts of China in Germany.
Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association  
International Wushu Association This is the official site of the International Wushu Federation (IWUF).
National Wushu Federation Russia It was founded in order to promote and develop Wushu in Russia.
New Zealand Wushu Member of the IWUF.
Raffi's Wushu Wu Lin Raffi produced a comprehensive Wushu Site Covering the Beijing Wushu Team, US Wushu and Wushu in the Olympics
Singapore Wushu Association Ms. Tan Mui Buay is a well known teacher of Taijiquan in Singapore and is a promoter of Wushu in Singapore
Stanford Wushu A student organization devoted to the practice and promotion of the Chinese sport and martial art of wushu.
South African Wushu Federation South African Wushu Federation (SAWF) was formed in 2002 as a division of MAASA - the Martial Arts Authority of South Africa, which is a non-political, non-profit friendly organization and the governing body all martial arts within South Africa.
United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation (USAWKF) USAWKF is the official United States representative to the 83 member-nation International Wushu Federation (IWUF).


Essentials of Chinese Wush
by Wu Bin, Li Xingdong & Yu Gongbao (5" x 7". 180 pp.)

Introduction to the history and characteristic features of Chinese Wushu; its health-promoting effects and appeal as a leisurely activity; various schools and styles of Chinese boxing, and weapons.

The authors are from the Wushu Research Institute of China. Wu Bin is the teaching Director, Li Xingdong is a Wushu researcher and Yu Gongbao is a Qigong researcher.

    Other Links

Journal of Chinese Martial Science

Wayne from Singapore.

Good site, some controversial opinions on sanda. Good content (03/2002).

History of China

Leon Poon

Comprehensive history of China based on the Army Area Handbook (03/2002)




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