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Tntario (ON) is the most populous of Canada's provinces. The most largest city and the provincial capital is Toronto. Another major city is Ottawa, the national capital of Canada. The province has a population (2001) of 11, 874,400.

There are a variety of martial arts school throughout the province as well as a rich martial arts tradition in Toronto and Ottawa.


Chinese Martial Arts

Blue Crane Martial Arts Teaching Wushu in Owen Sound.
Chenoa Taijiquan Studio Judith MacKay-Kowalski is teaching tai chi in Barrie, ON.
Chung Wah Kung Fu Systems Teaching Shaolin Kung fu in Mississauga and Regina.
Cold Mountain Internal Arts T'ai Chi Steve Higgins teaching Yang style tai chi.
Double Dragon Shaolin Kung Fu and Kickboxing Studio Douglas George teaches five animals and Kickboxing in Kitchner, ON.
Lin Nam Hung Gar Kung Fu Academy Richard Chan teaching Hung Gar in Timmins, ON.
Pan Qing Fu Noted martial artist, Pan Qing Fu, is based in Waterloo, ON.
Peng You Taiji Quan Association Peng Youlian teaching tai chi chuan in Thunder Bay, ON.
Ron Day's Kitchener Kicks Ron Day is teaching Shaolin and Wushu in Kitchener, ON.
Tiger and Dragon Association Matthias Bork teaching Wushu in St . Catherine, ON.
Ving Tsun Centre Chris Hader a student of Sunny Tang is teaching Wing Chun is Stoney Creek, ON.
Wing Chun Kung Fu Cheungs Style Christopher Blake is teaching Cheung's Wing Chun in Brampton, ON.
Wu Shu Chinese Martial Arts Institute Teaching Wushu in Hamilton, ON.
Other Organizations
Quoc-Wai Kung Fu, Beyond Kung-Fu Studios, Western Gate Kung Fu Studios, Tai-Chi Kung-Fu Studio , Goh Soon Chua Taijiquan Academy , NWO Wushu Academy, Bob Schneider's Waterloo Kung Fu Academy, Chi Hung Tai Chi Academy Inc, Double Dragon Shaolin Kung-Fu Studio, Golden Tiger School of Kung Fu, Green Tiger Tai Chi, T'ai Chi Centre-Phoenix, Ving Tsun Kung Fu, White Crane Martial Arts Academy, Wu Shen Temple Kung Fu Assn

  Japanese Martial Arts
Daypuck Sport Karate Teaching traditional JKA Shotokan Karate and Sport Karate in London, ON. Sensei Pete Daypuck was taught by his father, Sensei Reg Daypuck. He is an NBL World Champion in sport karate.
A Canada's Best Karate, A Personal Best Karate, Academy Of Yoshukai Karate, All Canadian Superkids Karate, Ancaster Karate Club, Anshin School Of Karate, Ayensu's Olympic Taekwondo Karate, Bak's Goju-Do Karate, Barton's Karate & Jijitsu, Belleville Karate & Jiu-Jitsu, Belleville Karate School, Bernardo Karate Academy, Bill Carr School Of Karate, Bisson Germain Karaté Cama, Boreland's School Of Karate, Borkowski Karate Studio, Brad Jones Karate-Do & Fitness Centre, Brantford Bushido Karate, Buick's Karate Dojo, Burlington Karate & Kobudo, Burtnik Karate, Canada's Best Karate, Canada's Best Karate, Canadian Freestyle Karate, Carl Wheeler's Ryukyu Karate, Cayuga Karate Club, Club de Karate de Hull, Cobra Karate, Crispin's Karate, Daypuck Sport Karate, Dragon Karate Canada, Dynamic Karate, East West Karate International, Ecole De Karaté Marc De Cotret, Embrun Karate Club, Family Karate Centres, Family Karate Centres, Family Karate Schools Association, Family Karate Schools Association, Frank's Karate & Kick Boxing, Fraser Karate School, Ganaraska Freestyle & Karate, Gateway Karate, Gladiator Grappling & Karate, Grand River Karate, I S K - International Shotokan Karate, International Chito Ryu Karate & Fitness Inc, Ivens Shotokan Karate Club, Japan Shotokan Karate Association of Canada, Jennings School Of Karate, Jiyu-Shin Karate School, Joslin's Karate & Kickboxing Studios, Kai Shin Karate (North), Kai-Shin Karate School, Karate Club Eagle, Karate Dojo Koshinkan, Karaté International, Karaté Traditionnel Kyokai, KC Tozia Karate, Ken Bu Kan Karate Dojo, Kerr's Karate & Fitness, Kihon Karate, Kiichi-Sai Judo Grappling-Jiu Jitsu Karate & God's Gym Weights Club, Kincardine Karate Club, King City Karate, Kingston Fitness & Karate School, Kingston Tsuruoka Karate, Kushindokai Karate School, Larouche Karaté, Legacy Shorin Ryu Karate Do, Lewis' Karate School, London Shotokan Karate, London Shotokan Karate Dojo, Macvicar S Karate International, Mady's Institute Of Isshinryu, Midwest Karate Club, Mississauga Shotokan Karate School, Misuraca's Karate Academy, Mr Kenpo Karate, Mr Kersey's Karate Schools Limited, Napanee Karate Club, North Bay Karate, North Bay Karate/Ju Jitsu, Northern Karate Schools, Okinawan Karate Centre, Olympic Karate, Olympic Karate East, Oshawa Shorin-Kan Karate Dojo & Supplies, Paterson's Karate Works, Pearson's Karate, Personal Best Karate, Phillips Karate Dojo, Richmond Hill Karate & Fitness Center, Ridgeway Japan Karate Association, Robinson's Karate Schools, Robinson's Karate Schools, Sault Ste Marie Japan Karate Association, Scarborough Family Karate School, Sealy Karate Schools, Sean Wongs Karate & Kickboxing Studio, Seido-Kan Karate School Inc, Sharon Ryudokan Karate & Chi Kung, Shorin-Ryu Karate, Smithville Karate Club, Stonetown Karate Center, Thunder Bay Karate School, Timmins Goju-Kai Karate School, Timmins Wado-Kai, Tsuruoka Kai Karate Do Kitchener-Waterloo, Tsuruoka Karate School, Ultimate Karate, Watson's Family Karate School, Welland Japan Karate Assoc, Welland Wado Kai Karate Clubs, Willis Karate Studios, World Championship Karate, Youth Elite Karate & Amateur Boxing Club, Action Kenpo Karate Teaches Karate
Other Organizations


Korean Martial Arts

Other Organizations


Other Martial Arts

Association Of Martial Arts for Human Equality Founded in 2000 and based in London, ON. This association is dedicated to promoting human equality and combating racism and discrimination. Pat Robinson is a founding member and acting President
Phoenix Fighting Arts And Concepts
Pat Robinson offers training in Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate system in London, ON.
World Balintawak Arnis-Eskrima Association Paolo David trained with Crispulo Atillo and is teaching Atillo Balintawak Eskrima System (Single stick and its application to the blade and live hand) in Whitby, ON
Other Organizations



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